Our Services

D.P. Fuccillo Concrete Specialists is a Full-Service Concrete Company.
Our range of services include:

Concrete Pumping

Concrete pumping keeps jobs moving efficiently, ensures perfect positioning of equipment, and allows for swift maneuvering around a site to guarantee the best concrete placing method. Look down the Cape Cod shore, and you’ll see a Fuccillo pump high in the sky!

Concrete Construction

Using our top-of-the-line equipment and experienced team, we can build structures small and large, customized to your specifications.

Concrete Cutting

We are able to safely and skillfully cut existing concrete to specifications with state of the art equipment.

Specialized Precast Concrete

Precast concrete products are everywhere – making up the backbone of our infrastructure above ground, and playing a pivotal role below ground in maintaining a clean, healthy environment.


We are skilled in producing smooth, modern concrete floors for your indoor and outdoor spaces alike.

Foundation Damp Proofing Waterproofing

Through our process of damp proofing, we ensure that soil moisture and liquid water are kept out of your concrete foundation to keep your home dry, clean, and warm.

We are professional, experienced, and American Concrete Pumping Association certified.